How to become a web designer

how to become a web designer – Ultimate guide for everyone

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Okay, so you want to become a web designer.

It’s not hard to become a web designer.

I also a web designer, So I will tell you all things, what should you do.

After completed my 12th class, I started learning web designing.

I learned many things from the internet.

Today I am doing freelancing on my web designing skills.

In this article, i will share my experience and new things which I have learnt.

Some people ask this question that how to become a web designer from home.

You would have seen some people learn web designing from the internet.

Nowadays lots of websites are available on the internet which teaching programming and web design for free.

As you can see w3school, This website is really nice for starting to end.

Well, I am talking about how to be a web designer.

I will tell you some steps. so let’s start

how to become a web designer

1. Be Creative

 be creative

Nowadays I see lots of web designers not creative. they think we are perfect in our work.

But that’s not true.

they don’t try to do something new.

you should be creative in your work.

Try to do something new things.

It’s good for your work.

Do all things like professional.

if you have some Free time, then try to do new things.

I want to tell you that a web designer must be creative.

you should design new websites for improving your skills.

you should design some mockups in photoshop.

it’s a good method to become a creative web designer.

because In photoshop you can design a perfect website.

If you do this by coding skill then you would be boring.

coding is not easy from photoshop.

Before coding, you should design your mockup in photoshop.

So I only want to say be creative. take time for best work.

2. Learn From Others

learn from others

This is a great method if you can do it.

if you know someone who does the job as a web designer or who know web designing then you should learn from him/her.

because an experienced person can teach you better.

Also, He/she can teach you how to deal with clients.

if you can spend money then you can take industrial training.

You will get there all information about web designing.

Even Nowadays Facebook is popular to connect with other people.

you can connect with a web designer who can help you to learn web designing.

Also, you can join web designers groups on facebook.

you can see on youtube. there are lots of videos available.

even you can contact youtube channel founder and can ask questions.

you can learn from blogs who share their knowledge.

even you can contact me if you need some help in web designing.

you can email me or comment me if you need help.

3. Choose Right Tools

choose right tool

This is a most important step.

Lots of people do a mistake.

they choose wrong tools for web designing.

They Do not know which is the right tool for web designing.

Well, Nowadays lots of tools available on the internet.

You would see automatic website builder tool on the internet but that is not good. that type of tools can’t improve your skills.

if you really want to be a web designer then don’t use that tools.

if you are a beginner then you should use Dreamweaver tool.

its really nice tool for beginners.

because In that tool you will get many features, that makes easy to coding.

But if you know about web designing then you should use notepad++.

Well, now we are going to mockups.

how to make mockups. I mean which tool is best for mockup.

I will recommend you use only photoshop.

Some people use illustrator tool.

But that tool use making logos and any graphics work, not for website mockups.

So these three tools are best for web designing.

Don’t waste your time on worst tools.

4. Daily Practice


You Should do daily practice. Don’t think you are perfect in your skills. you should do more practice for your improving skills.

you would have heard that practice makes perfect. You should spend 2-3 hours daily practice and you should learn new things.

If you have little knowledge and you say I am a good designer then you are wrong.

Only that person is a good designer who learns new things every day.

5. Learn Skills That You Need

Web designer skills

You should learn only that skills which you need.

Okay You want to become a web designer but you are learning graphic designing skills.

it’s nonsense!

You should know which skills I need for becoming web designer.

I would say that you should learn html5, css3, bootstrap3, javascript and jquery.

It’s enough for become a web designer.

but if you want to develop to websites then you can learn php and sql languages.

Nowadays wordpress is popular that’s why I am telling you learn new things.

If you Know html css and little php then you can easily learn wordpress it’s not difficult to learning.

6. Become web designer not graphic designer

Web designer vs graphic designer

Some people say graphics designing is part of web designing but it’s not true.

Graphic designing is different to web designing.

In graphic designing, you design posters, business cards etc and in web designing you design web pages.

many people become both but it’s not good you should focus on one thing.

If you would focus only web designing then you can easily become a web designer.

7. Plan before design


I bet this thing only do professional web designers.

Lots of designers miss this thing.

first, you should do paperwork, after that, you should start designing.

Many designers don’t paperwork, that’s why they can not make good design.

That time some people thinks they can design but after some time those people become confused, what I do now!!

because they do not plan before design.


As I told you I also a web designer.

I told you only that things which I thought it’s better things for every web designer.

These points are so important for web designing.

if you follow these steps then you can become a good web designer.

Good Luck!

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