very simple short moral stories

2 very simple short moral stories for your children (for kids)

very simple short moral stories

very simple short moral stories

1.Golden Egg story

Once a farmer got a hen which used to lay a golden egg every day. The farmer sold these golden eggs and earned lots of money. He fulfilled all the necessary requirements of his family. gradually he Became one if the richest person in the village.He was the owner of a new house with many horses, a vast land, cows and buffaloes. One day he thought Everday, the hen lays only one egg. She must be having So many eggs in her stomach But how do we take out all those eggs?

I have an idea. Let’s go to the wise man of the village. maybe he can help us, Then they both go to the wise man if the village to seek his advice. the wise man said: how can I help you?They said: we have a hen that gives golden eggs. We want to take out all the eggs her stomach. Instead of waiting for one egg every day.Wiseman: How is that possible?you can’t get all the eggs at one time. Please go away, I can’t help you in this matter. It’s a foolish idea.The farmer and his wife returned disappointed. after reaching home, They decided to do something on their own. Now, what do we do, how do we get the eggs? Wife:hummmm… it’s  very simple let’s cut the stomach of the hen and take out all the eggs.

farmer: yes! this would be right.

Both caught hold of the hen and killed it and didn’t get anything they got rid of the egg which they were getting every day.

Moral- We should not greedy

very simple short moral stories

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2.The fox and the crow story

Once upon a time, a crow was very hungry but did not get anything to eat. He got tired and sat on a branch of a tree suddenly He saw a piece of cheese in a plate. He flew near the plate and picked it in beak and flew away. He was now looking for a safe place to sit because he never wanted to share it with anyone else. on his way he saw many other crows, who wanted to share. cleverly he avoided them and sat in a quiet place on a tree. a cunning fox saw the crow with cheese her mouth started watering. she quickly made a plan to get cheese from the crow. she said sweetly: hi handsome crow, I am foxy proxy and live nearby.

my friends told me that crows have a very sweet voice. is it true? I have never heard a crow singing a song. Would you please sing for me? The crow was surprised. because no one had praised his voice before, but kept quiet for continued… Dear crow you look so handsome with your shiny feathers.I have you would sing a song for me. please… The crow was carried away by the fox words. He opened his beak and started singing and then down fell the cheese. fox picked it ate it all and ran away. when the crow realised what he had done. he felt very bad. He should not have believed the fox at all. Moral- beware of the flatterers they are not to be trusted.

very simple short moral stories

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