very short stories for kids in english

2 best very short stories for kids in english

2 best very short stories for kids in English

very short stories for kids in English

1.Stupid elephant story

Once is a forest there lived an elephant looking at him a group of jackals thought.if he dies somehow there will be enough food for us for two months old jackal replied: I will kill this elephant by way of my wisdom. He went towards the elephant and said: my lord have pity on me. Elephant: what is the matter?

jackal: I am a poor old jackal. all the animal of this forest has sent me to you. they feel that now it is impossible to live here without the leadership of a king. they have chosen you to be our king. The elephant was happy to learn this, he accompanied the jackal who took him towards the quicksand. The elephant got trapped in it. He said to the jackal, dear friend I am in deep trouble help me set out of here.Jackal: ha.. hold my tale and come out. the jackal said with an evil laughter. The elephant was shocked by his behaviour and said my dear now pay the price for believing a creature like me. The elephant could not come out and died after some time.

Moral- beware of the flatterers

2. The bundle of sticks story

Once upon a time.

There lived a farmer.

who was so prosperous, that everyone said, he must certainly be the happiest man in the village.

He had three strong and handsome sons but the farmer was not a happy man.

because his sons were the quarrelsome lot.

One day, he had a plan.

He brought a bundle of sticks and called his sons.

He said each of his sons in turn.

pick up the bundle and see if you can break it.

Each boy tried with all his strength but did not succeed.

When they finally gave up.

The farmer untied the bundle and gave them to break one by one.

This, of course, they did with the greatest ease.

Eldest son impatiently asked, why did you make me break these sticks for no reason?

Father smiled gently and said, you are just like these sticks my sons.As long as you stay united, you will be able to face all of your enemies.But if you are divided, you will be broken. the three sons understood the wisdom in their father’s words

Moral- united we stand and divided we fall

very short stories for kids in English

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