Two best stories for kids in english

Two best stories for kids in english | stories for kids

Two best stories for kids in english | stories for kids

Two best stories for kids in english

1. jackal and crane

A jackal killed a buffalo and he was eating its flesh. All of a sudden One big size bone got stuck in his throat. He started groaning out of pain.His throat was paining. He felt as if he was about to die. His good luck, he saw a crane, With a lot of difficulties he said: Crane crane my friend, please help me Please take out the bone, which has got stuck in my throat. I will be grateful to you. I will also reward you. How did this happen to you, Crane asked?I was very hungry and was eating hurriedly That’s how it got stuck in my throat.

Now, will you please help me? I am in a great pain and it’s unbearable. Crane said: ok I will try my best. Then the crane put its long beak in the jackal’s throat and took out the bone. The Jackal heaved a sigh of relief. Friend jackal where is my reward? jackal: Reward? hey, fool you are asking reward Be thankful to me. When you put your neck in my mouth I did not grasp you. if I would have closed my jaws what would be your condition.

Moral- Charity should be shown only to those who are worth it

2. Intelligent fox

Once a lion, a donkey and a fox were best of friends.Three of them planned to go for a hunting. It was decided that three would be equal partners to whatever they hunted. Suddenly, they saw a deer. The deer did not smell any danger.Three of them harassed the poor deer. When the deer was tired, The lion attacked and killed him.The lion said to the donkey divide the deer into three parts.

The donkey divided into three equal parts. seeing this, the lion started roaring in anger. He attacked the donkey with his paws and teeth Then he said to the fox. Now, you take your share. The fox was cleverer. She left a big portion of the deer for the lion and took a small part for herself. The lion was very happy and he said: you have left the right amount of portion for me. Really, you are very clever. Where did you learn this cleverness? The fox said: Seeing the fate of the donkey. I understood what was your desire. I learnt it from the donkey’s foolishness.

Moral- We should not only learn from our own faults but from other’s also 

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