How to promote your blog or website on social media

How to promote your blog or website on social media

Hey, guys, I am back with a new topic that is how to promote blog or website on social media websites.

Lot’s of people trying to promote their blog or website on social media website but they could not get more traffic on their sharing.

In this article, I Will Tell Three website social websites that will help you to increase your blog or website traffic.

So let’s start.

How to promote your blog or website on social media


We all know Facebook is the huge platform where you will get thousands of users.

Nowadays millions of people using Facebook.

Okay, I will tell you what is the right way to get traffic from Facebook.

The first way I Will say you increase your friend list. I mean Add lot’s friends and post your article on your timeline.

Suppose you have 5k friends on your friend list Then suppose you have good relation with 1k people then certainly 1k people come on your article.

Now second way join groups where you can do post.

If you join 10 groups and each group member are 10k+ then the total is 100k.

Now suppose withing 100k you are getting 5k users then it’s very very good.

Now let’s calculate 1k plus 5k equal is 6k users in a day!!

It’s really really good.

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Quora is the best website to connect with other people.

Quora is the questions answers website.

you have to choose the topics which you are providing on your blog or website.

Then In your Newsfeed, you will see questions related to your chosen topics.

Simple you have to answers that question and give your article URL in the answer.

From this way, you can get huge traffic to your blog or website.


Nowadays twitter also a huge traffic platform.

There you can get more traffic.

Simply you have to create your twitter account and post your URL.

Here I will recommend you start a promotion campagin.

you have to spend some money and you can get more traffic.

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