how to increase website loading speed

how to increase website loading speed – ultimate guide

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Nowadays Lot’s of the blogger and those people who have their own website they want to know how to increase website loading speed.

Mostly this question put bloggers because they think speed is important for ranking.

yes, it’s true, speed is important for the better result on google.

Actually, everyone wants the good speed of pages. Nowadays people can’t wait for open a page.

because Nowadays lot’s of websites available on the internet.

if your website taking more time for loading then the user will not go again.

lot’s of people ask, how can we check our website speed? Don’t worry I will tell you all things related this topic.

how to increase website loading speed

The first question is how we can check website speed.

lot’s of blogger recommend PageSpeed Insights tool for the speed check.

its google tool but really it’s not a good tool for check website loading speed.

it doesn’t show actual speed of your website.


I will recommend you use gtmetrix  tool. its awesome tool for checking website loading speed.

it shows only actual speed.


1. Optimize Featured image and other images

If you are a blogger then you will know about the featured image.

That is so important for an article.

You can not get the good response from users without featured image.

That’s made pretty look to your article and does express which type of your article.

If you still don’t know what is featured image then you can in the below image.

featured image

Now you will say only one image how can do speed slow on our blog.

When you see other articles, you will see featured image load slowly because so many bloggers don’t optimize that image.

Before publish you should upload a lightweight featured image.
Now we will talk about other images.

Other images mean that images who are added to your page body or an article.
The first thing, you should add the alt tag to your every image.

If you will not add alt tag then google will not understand what is this.

As I said before publish optimize your images.

Then upload only lightweight images.

Don’t upload MB size images only use KB size images.

Images are the biggest reason for slow speed.

2. Don’t use Javascript files

Nowadays bloggers doing the best design of their blog but they don’t know this is the reason for low-speed.

Suppose you have installed a pop-up plugin in WordPress and you think its pretty but in that plugin used javascript which will be the low-speed of your blog.

I am not telling you, don’t install plugins but use only that plugins which are lightweight.
Which people make a website for their business.

They also make this mistake.

They add lots of features of their website like background video, background animation or any type of animation which made in javascript.
So use only simple things don’t use the heavy plugins and don’t use heavy javascript files.

I also a web designer so when I design a website then clients always say I want a slider on my website they don’t know website speed is so important for better ranking.

but they don’t listen and say I want a slider on my website.

the slider is a too heavy file. it makes the only javascript.

even nowadays some many sliders are available on the internet who takes loading 3min.

so suppose if your website taking 3 min for open then who will come again to your website.

No one comes again. so don’t use heavy files on your website just create the simple design which opens in seconds.

3. Clear Cache

I want to show you two things in below images first one is cache.

you can see my page report showing cache problem.

there are so many caches who are troubling to my blog


the second thing is javascript file which I have told you in the second step.

You can see there is showing javascript file errors.


Because I am using some plugins who are made in javascript but I am using the limited plugin which I want to use.

don’t use unwanted plugins.

For cache problem, you can install a plugin who’s named wp fastest cache.

You can clear your cache with this plugin.

After clear the cache, you will see changes in your speed report.

4. Delete Unwanted plugins

If you have unwanted plugins then delete them right now.

If you think plugin does not affect your speed then you are wrong.

You can do practically yourself with your blog.

Install lots of plugins and then see your blog speed.

You blog speed will be very slow.

That’s why I am telling you don’t put the unwanted plugin on your WordPress id.

some people ignore their WordPress plugin update but it’s not good.

you should update your WordPress plugins whenever it shows update message.

if you will not update plugins time to time then it can affect your website speed.

  • how to increase website loading speed

5. Delete Spam comments

Now We will talk about spam comments.

you would have heard whether comments are best for backlinks.

That’s why so many people leave their link in comments.

But Some people leave lots of links in comments.

Like I mentioned in below image.

spam comments

that is not good . that called spam comment.

I also tell you one thing who doing comments like this.

your website going spam website day-to-day.

you can check your website spam score on Moz.

I would say you stop doing this thing.

if you want to get the backlink from comment then leave your link only website form.


Don’t Leave your link in the comment box. it will be spam comment.

6. Don’t use many Pop-ups

Yes, it’s also a reason to low-speed.

Mostly New Bloggers and New Designers do this mistake.

They think the design is everything.

That’s why they add many features to their website or blog.

you can see lot’s of bloggers doing affiliate marketing then they put their product in the pop-up.

Some lot’s write pdf book, they also show their book with the pop-up. because pop-up makes the different impression for everyone.

If a Blogger selling their product then he/she will use pop-up because pop-up will show each user. it does not matter user want or not.

Some websites showing subscribe form in the pop-up.

everyone wants a pop-up on their website. mostly those people who create a website for their business.

they add their contact number or any type of form in the pop-up but they don’t know it’s not good for website speed.

the pop-up is a heavy file. you can see on my blog also showing a pop-up but that is a light-weight pop-up

also, you can install from here if you want to add a pop-up.

So many people block pop-ups on their browser. because some time pop-up can hang your computer.

Some pop-ups are so heavy. that’s why they do low-speed of your website and thing more if you want to add a pop-up on your website then add only one page. if you add each page then your website will be very slow.

  • how to increase website loading speed

7. Fix theme errors

Nowadays lots of people making their website WordPress.

yes, wordpress is best for website making.

but some time theme makes some errors.

As you create a website yourself and you don’t know much more about WordPress then you leave some errors on your website theme.

then they errors create a problem for your website speed.

Lot’s of people make an error in their CSS file.

they want to change their website colour, font, font size, background images etc.

then they add some CSS properties but those people make error who don’t know about CSS.

There are not only CSS errors you can see some time shows 404 error right? that is not good for website speed.

Sometimes you forget to attach some links that’s why 404 error shows on your website.

some people make their website with coding. I mean they do not create with WordPress or any platform. they create with their programming skill.

Also, they create lots error on their website. they create an error with their navigation bar.

As I told you some people forget to attach some links on their website.

And second error they create the image. they don’t use alt tag for. without alt image, Google can’t read your image.

if you will not use alt tag in your image then your image will not index on google that is not good for better speed.

because that image creates a problem for your website speed.

Some people don’t update their WordPress theme. whenever WordPress show you update message but some people don’t update their theme.

this is also a reason for slow website speed.

Some many people do one more mistake about the theme.

some people installed so many themes.

they change their theme every day but it’s not good.

choose only one theme and do uninstall unwanted theme.

because themes take lots of space for your hosting.

your hosting will take unwanted themes space. it would be not good for your website loading speed.

8. Remove Lots of Ads

lots of ads

This step for bloggers because only bloggers place ads on their blog.

Yes everyone creates a blog for money.

but it doesn’t mean you place more ads on your blog.

The user doesn’t like more ads on the blog because ads make difficult for reading.

yes, you can earn more money from ads but the user would not come again if your blog is full of ads.

The user only wants to read, they don’t want ads.

it’s my own experience on my second blog I used lot’s ads on that blog.

But on this blog, I did not place ads.

then notice my second blog is very slow and did not get more traffic on my that blog.

On this blog, my speed is good level and also traffic increasing every day.

I notice huge changes in my blog speed.

So I would say to bloggers don’t use many ads on your blog.

also, this is the biggest reason slow website loading speed.

some many bloggers place their ads in header, article, sidebar etc.

if you want to place ads on your blog then just place in the sidebar.

that is the best place for ads because as I told you user don’t like ads in the article.

if your ads will be in the sidebar then the user would not be any trouble while reading.

if you want to place ads in the article then place only one ad in your article.

many ads will be slow your blog speed.

9. Use Best Hosting

Hosting is very important for everything.

Some bloggers using free hosting.

it’s not good, free hosting can’t handle your files and traffic.

some people using worst hosting. they see only cheap hosting plan.

they think hosting is just space. but I am telling you hosting is very important for speed and everything.

if you’re hosting can’t handle your files and traffic then your blog or website can’t get more traffic.

hosting manage your whole website.

when I started this blog, I also did not know that hosting is important.

but time to time I saw hosting is important for both, speed and google ranking.

thank god I did not choose free hosting or other worst hosting plan.

else my blog doesn’t rank on google.

Well, I am using GoDaddy hosting plan.

it’s good but Bluehost is great.

Bluehost can easily handle your huge traffic.

10. Remove broken links

broken links

This is dangerous for everything.

you should avoid this mistake.

but some people ignore this mistake. they think it’s not the big problem.

it’s a big problem.

you can see broken links are not good for SEO. also not good for website loading speed.

some people say how we can check broken links.

I would suggest you install broken link checker plugin.

this plugin will help find broken links on your blog or website.

take this seriously. google webmaster tool also hates broken links.

that’s why so many blogs can’t rank on google.

if you have any broken link on your blog or website, then remove it.


In this article, I have told you 10 tips for increase website loading speed.

this all is so important steps for loading speed.

this guide you can easily improve your website speed.

if you really want to increase website speed then you should remember these steps and follow them.

Great speed can increase your traffic. so follow these steps seriously.

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