how to create a facebook campaign step by step guide

how to create a facebook campaign step by step guide

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Hey guys Today I come with a new topic.

You can see nowadays Facebook is huge platform.

Billions of people using facebook.

Lot’s of people using this by business.


Okay In this article I will clear your all question about it.

You Knew billions of people using facebook.

That’s why many people using this by business.

If you will see a place where lot’s of people going, Then what will you do?

You will Place your business advertisement on that spot.

Similarly many people place their advertisement on facebook website.

Facebook does not give you Free advertisement service.

You have to set your budget.

Okay Now I will teach you how to create a facebook campaign.

You will Learn how you can create a successful facebook campaign.

how to create a facebook campaign

First of all you have to open your faecbook page.

Then Click on that boost post which post you want to promote.

Now you will see a new window.

Here you have to create your advertisement

Add Button to your post

facebook advertisement

Now We Will create a successful facebook campaign.

You can See first thing showing add a button to your post.

There are five type of buttons that you can add on your post.

suppose you are selling your products and you want to add shop now button, then you can add.

I have set learn more button because I want to show my blog by that button.

Okay Now our button is ready.

Create Your Audience

target audience

Now we will target our audience.

Click on Create new audience.

Facebook audience

Now you will see a new window.

There you have to set you audience settings.

First form is facebook campaign name.

I have filled ezzyweb.

Second thing is Gender.

According to your business you can set your gender.

It mean who will see your advertisement men, women or all.

You can see i have selected all.

Now next thing is age.

As I told you according to your business you can set your age group.

it means which age group will see your advertisement.

Next thing is Location.

you can set your location according to your business.

it means where you want to show your advertisement.

I have selected india and united states.

Now the next thing most important.

That is interest.

facebook interest

You can see I have filled blogger.

Because i want to show my advertisements only to bloggers.

You should fill carefully to this form.

Now recheck your all information which you have filled right now and after that click on save button.

Okay Now your advertisement is ready.

facebook avertisement

Set Your Budget

Now you have to set your budget.

I mean how many you want to spend on this advertisement.

Scroll down and add your budget.

advertisement budget

You can see my budget is 1k indian rupee.

facebook giving me 13k to 35k estimated people reached at 1k rupee.

You can set your budget according to your business.

Now next thing is the duration.

you can set any duration according to your budget.

I have set 7 days. I want to run this ad 7 days.

it means my average is 142.82 per day.

Okay now your advertisement is fully completed.

facebook boost

Just Click on boost button, Now you will see payment form.

you can use your ATM card or paytm system.

After submit payment method you will get a notification That your advertisement will be approved.

You have to wait for 10 to 15 minutes.

After 10 to 15 minutes you will get a new notification that your advertisement approved. its running now.

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