bedtime stories for kids in english

best bedtime stories for kids in english | bedtime stories

best bedtime stories for kids in english

best bedtime stories for kids in english

1.Salty sea story

In village, there lived two brothers named ram and shyam.

Ram was elder to shyam. ram was rich and shyam was poor. it was the festival of diwali and people were celebrating in happily but shyam and his family didn’t have any reason to celebrate.they did not have anything to eat also. So he went and asked his elder brother ram for some help but ram rebuked and sent him back.while he was returning sadly on the way, he saw an old man with a bundle of logs,the old man asked shyam, what is the matter son? why are you so sad? you should be happy on Diwali. shyam said: my family is starving, I went to my brother for some help but he also refused. I am not able to do anything.

The old man said: if you help me in carrying this bundle of logs till my home,

I will give you something, which will help you in getting rich.

shyam picked up the bundle of logs and went after the old and left it.

Ths old man gave a pancake to shyam and said, go to the jungle and you will see peculiar kind of three trees together.

Near to that, you will see a rock. if you see carefully you will find an entrance to that cave.

go inside the cave, three dwarfs live there. they are very fond of pancake.

they will not leave this pancake at any cost. you will give this to them but be careful.

Don’t ask money from them. rather you ask them to give you the treadmill.

Then shyam reached the cave.

seeing the pancake in his hand one of the dwarfs said: give me this pancake and in return i will give you whatever you ask.

Shyam said: just give me your treadmill. as soon as shyam walking away with a treadmill.

the dwarf said: this is not an ordinary treadmill.When you rotate this,

you will get whatever you ask for and once you get the decided amount

of thing just cover the treadmill with the red cloth It will stop making things.

carrying the treadmill shyam reached his house.

His wife and children were hungry.He said to them spread a cloth here after spreading the cloth,

he kept the treadmill on it.

He started rotating the treadmill and said Treadmill, treadmill give me some rice and rice started collecting

then he covered the treadmill with a red cloth and removed it.

He rotated the treadmill again and said treadmill, treadmill give me some pulse.

plenty of pulses started coming out and the same way he covered the treadmill with red cloth. then his wife cooked rice and dal and they had a hearty meal. At night they slept in peace.

Next day shyam went to the market and sold of the remaining rice and dal and after returning the market, he started with the same routine. this time he tool oot plenty of rice. wheat and different kinds of pulses from the treadmill. He sold them in the market and earned lots of money. within few days, he became richer than his brother ram with help of treadmill he was getting whatever he desired for oil, salt, nuts, sometimes cotton also.

Ram started feeling jealous of shyam’s happiness. He started thinking a few days back his family was starving and now suddenly what has he got that he richer than him? One night he got into shyam’s house and evrything was revealed to him.ram’s crooked mind started working. He planned to steal the treadmill. So when shyam was out to sell the things, ram stole the treadmill and moved with his family to settle in some far off island. after reahing the sea-shore, he bought a boat. he and his family sat in the boat and started moving towards the island. Started rotating the treadmill and said: Treadmill, treadmill take out salt.

Salt started collecting in the boat and boat started sinking. Ram doesn’t know stop to the treadmill. He did not see how shyam used to stop this treadmill. the boat was overloaded with salt and everybody along with treadmill drowned and died.

best bedtime stories for kids in english

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