how to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners

how to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners

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Nowadays everyone want make money From the internet. lot’s of people asks to me, how to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners.

Some people making money with their skills. I mean as a freelancer.

I also a freelancer web designer and I am Earning money from the internet.

Lot’s of people doing affiliate marketing.

It’s also an awesome way for making money.

Lot’s of people making thousands Dollar from affiliate.

Some People says you need some special skills for affiliate marketing but in my opinion it’s game of mind.

Nowadays lot’s websites are available on the internet who providing affiliate program.

Well, Most famous website is amazon.

It’s awesome website for affiliate.

Well, I am not telling you use only this website.

As I told you there is lot’s of website for affiliate.

how to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners

1. Blog

You can see Nowadays blogging is so popular.

Every blogger making money from affiliate programs.

You should also create a blog where you can sell products.

If you don’t know about blogs then you read this article how to start a blog.

Okay after creating a blog you have to get traffic on your blog.

When you would get huge traffic on your blog, you can sell your products easily.

Okay Now we will talk about affiliate websites that which should you choose for affiliate marketing.

You can choose amazon, BluehostClickBank etc.

These three websites are awesome.

Don’t set Lot’s of ads on your blog.

First you should set your advertisement in sidebar as I mentioned in below image.

Bluehost affiliate

Suppose you are writing a blog about bluehost or any amazon product.

Then you can set your advertisement in article.

Like I set in Below image.

afilliate marketing in article

I have set carefully.

you can see I did not place ad anywhere.

I have placed only that spot where it’s need.

you can see I have written in that article.

“Bluehost is great” Now user will think it’s good and user will click on your advertisement.

As I told you its game of mind.

you should set your advertisement where it’s need.

2. Social media

Nowadays Billions of people using social media sites.

You can sell your affiliate products on that sites.

Yes, You can.

But As I told you its game of mind.

Okay now I will tell you how you can sell your products on facebook.

Create your facebook id.

And add 5k friend in your friend list.

Now Post your affiliate link and write awesome post.

Tell all things about your product.

Suppose Your product commission is $5.

if you have 5k friends in your friend list.

then you can expect 4 to 7 people will purchase your product.

Now you can calculate with 4 and 7.

it means you are earning $20 to $35 per day !!

it’s not bad to starting.

Even you can join groups where you can sell your products.

Groups are great way for selling products.

suppose you are selling books from amazon affiliate program.

Then you should join book lovers groups.

There you can sell your books easily.

if you are selling books and you have joined programming group then it’s not good.

You have to use your mind.

These two ways are awesome for beginners.

If you are a blogger then it’s good but if you are not a blogger then don’t worry you can sell you products on social media sites.

Good Luck.

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