How to Become a professional blogger

How to become a professional blogger

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43 total views, 2 views today Hi bloggers , do you want to become a professional blogger? Then you are right place . today I will tell you , how you can become a professional blogger. When I did start this blog I didn’t know much more about writing blog. I just knew about my skills which I will provide in this blog. I have created this blog in wordpress. WordPress is good platform for starting a blog because there you will get many plugin’s for creating good looking and good working…

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Html5 basics for beginners

html5 basics

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2 total views, 2 views today Hi Learners . today I will tell you about html5 basics. If you want to become a web designer or programmer then you have to learn html language first because it’s basic level for becoming web designer or this article I will not tell you about it’s history I will tell you just it’s about basics. When I started to learn html5 I seems that it’s really difficult language because I didn’t had any information about html5. After 2 days I knew basics of html5.…

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How To Write Professional Blog Article

write professional blog

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71 total views, 2 views today Do you want to write professional blog article ? then you are on right place.i will teach you ,how you can write a professional article for your blog.some people starts a blog but they doesn’t write a professional article.after some time they does give up. 1. Choose Perfect Title for write professional blog Title is the most important part of the blog article. i will recommend you that you should choose a perfect title before start writing. In your title should be include your keywords which you…

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5 Best Android English Learning Apps

english learning apps

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118 total views, no views today If you have just shifted to the US and are not a native English speaker, then you do not need to spend money to learn English. You can easily learn this language by downloading the best english learning apps on your smartphone. If you want to learn English, this article will help you to choose the best english learning apps that can teach you English. So, here is the list of best English learning apps for Android. Best android english learning apps 1. SpeakingPal Speaking…

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Become a Professional web designer

How to become a web designer

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37 total views, 2 views today Do you  want to become a professional web designer ? lets read this article and know how you will be became a professional web designer 1. learn from others you should learn more things from other great web designers. follow their rules and methods which they usually use. 2. learn the skill you will need if you want become professional web designer. you would have learned HTML5 ,CSS3, bootstrap and jQuery. these language are most important for become a web designer. if you want to learn more…

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Play Free Game in 5.1 Android version Without Download

Play Free Game in 5.1 Android version Without Download

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43 total views, no views today Some people wants play game in own mobile but they Dont want to download .In this post i will show you ,how you can play game in 5.1 android version without Download. i dont know it will be every andriod version. i telling you just about 5.1 andriod version. if you are not understanding this post then you can see youtube video below . Now follow these steps For Get Android game 1. In 5.1 Android version, Go to Settings.   2. Now you will…

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How To Learn Speak English

How to learn speak English

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79 total views, 2 views today today i will tell you how  to speak english.We all want to Speak English but Some people can’t !! because we have not confident. we can learn Speak english. so today i will tell you how we can do it. lets start !!!   1. Start With Simple Words for Learn Speak English we all do big mistake Which?? we start with long or difficult words,Here you are doing mistake.start with simple or small words. it would be easy for learning speak english. if you will put…

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3 Ways to Get Rid of Mucus in Your Chest

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121 total views, no views today For many people, home remedies are an effective first-line treatment. Try these options. 1.Drink lemon tea– Drink lemon tea with honey ,and drink it two time in a day.             2.Use steam- Steam helps to break up mucus in your chest, nose, and throat, allowing you to expel it from your body easier. Boil a pot of water and hold your face over the bowl and breathe in the steam for several minutes. Cover your head with a towel to…

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How to start a blog step by step Guide for Beginners


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161 total views, 1 views today register domain & Hosting by godaddy first , you have to do register a domain & register hosting.which you want to start a blog Install wordpress application after register domain & hosting install wordpress application from godaddy. Click on the my products Click on Manage web hosting Now You will see your cpanel and click on the Applications in top navigation bar. Choose wordpress Application Click on the Install this application Fill your info and click on install button Now ,login on wordpress Choose a theme…

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